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Re: Milk Thistle
Jun 5, 2003
Thanks for the responses everyone. I was extremely disappointed with my doctor's response to my inquisition about milk thistle. He shrugged his shoulders and told me he had no idea what I was talking about.

To be quite honest, I'm still surprised that I am leery about taking this drug for ever. I know that the benefits of this drug are so good, but I was maybe hoping that when I lose some of the weight I want to, and my cholesterol drops signifiantly, we could try getting off of the medication, but my doctor is extremely against that. The more I look at things, the more this seems like way too early to commit to a statin for life. He tells me that I "have 2 of the 3 indicators for medical intervention": bad LDL, bad Total Cholesterol, very very good HDL (which he totally negates, lol). This I understand. BUT... the other factors in my life for heart disease: my blood pressure is 110 over 70, there is no family history of heart disease, and I do not smoke-- are good. I just had a good nuclear stress test too! You tell me how he reasons this all. So, bottom line, I just want to protect my liver. I started talking 1 milk thistle capsule twice daily. I know I won't see a difference, but I feel better doing this.

As for the statin and pregnancy risk, I am really suprised that it isn't as highly publicized as the Accutane risk is. I understand that the age difference between the two groups is probably a lot different, but it still seems like it'd be significantly placed on the bottle of Lipitor somewhere. However, I'm not too concerned. After two courses of Accutane, where I and my mother signed my chart saying that I'd get an aborition if I got preggers on Accutane, I know that the birth defects are completely zero once you're off the drug. I am nowhere near ready to have children, but when I am, I'll just stop taking the drug, and continue afterwards, if I so choose. If this was really that big of an issue, I am sure my doc would have discussed it with me.

To those who have mentioned to me how unnerving of a problem this is at a young age, let me say I am completely with you on that. There are people in my group of friends who won't see the dentist while my doc is telling me to get a stress test right away! They have no idea how frightening this all is. But, I do feel better attacking this now. This is much better for you in the long run... sooo much better than ending up in the ER with a heart attack. I'll keep telling myself that too. With America's heart health the way it is, it's no wonder my doc and everyone elses is pushing statins for people in their 20's... but I support alternative treatments too.

And for women, it took a Time magazine discarded in the locker room at my gym to click it all for me: the cover story said something like heart disease affects one in 3 or 4 women. That's a lot. Heart disease is the number one killer of women-- did you know that? Did you think it was breast cancer too? Now I know why my derm was so quick to send me to the internist!

Keep healthy and take care everyone,

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