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I can not take any statins due to leg cramps and my numbers are high so I am looking for altenative ways to lower choles. and trig. So I have been taking guggul lipid and non flush niacin (1500mgs) Anyway, around two months ago I developed a terrible pain in my knee joint and after going to 4 orthos., they told me that it was wear and tear of my miniscus. The MRI that I took showed nothing and finally, the drs. are saying arthritis. This came from no where and I have been trying to figure how I developed this pain. Then I read about one or two of you that mentioned that they had joint pains from niacin and I thought back and realized that my knee pain started around the same time that I started niacin. I would never have thought that this could be the cause, but I need to hear from any of you if it could be before I go to my ortho., dr. and get cortisone shots. I am very distressed over this and if I stop the niacin, then I will have to try something else. I am considering red rice yeast - Please I need your help on this ASAP- Thank you

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