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Sarah --- Every cell (those tiny little wee things) in your body must have cholesterol to function properly. Perhaps your pain is coming from a lack of, or not enough, cholesterol in that area of your body. I was taking 1000 mg of non-flush niacin to lower total cholesteral. As soon as I started the niacin came down with a miserable cramping of leg muscles. When I stopped niacin -- leg cramping left!!!! Again I started the niacin -- and again the leg cramping started. Eventually the leg cramping subsided, however, have decided not to beat myself up worrying about an arbitrary number the medical community established.
careful if you go on the red rice yeast. If you have troubles with statins then you should most likely consult a doctor before taking the red rice yeast. I personally take the red rice yeast in a product called riz-trol produced by organika in Canada. It has gugillipids, red rice yeast, and numerous other cholesteral fighting herbs in it. My total numbers came down from 275 to 152, great results but I stopped taking it. I had called Organika and asked them about lovastatin which is a statin and is naturally produced in red rice yeast. Riz-trol has 2.5 mg per tablet. Suggested intake is three tablets a day which is 7.5 mg. Quit a lot seeing the prescriptions start at just 10 mg.

Make sure you consult your doctor.

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