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If you are taking it, for example, as part of prescribed treatment by a doctor, then I would consult with your physician first. I take my niacin by prescription. I did have to discontinue mine for a month due to elevated bilirubin. I just restarted on 500 mg a few weeks ago.

Anyway, if this is on your own, then you can give it a try without needing anyone's blessing. I take Niacin to help my HDL increase slightly and shift the LDL and HDL particle size averages to a higher value.

Your 51 HDL is pretty good. Your 238 mg/dL triglyceride reading is one that I would be concerned about. Knowning what I know now, and having been through this, I would take action to reduce that to <150 mg/dL. That contributes 48 to your 253 mg/dL total cholesterol, meaning that your LDL-C is 154 mg/dL. With exception of your HDL, the other values put you at a higher risk for heart disease.

The most effective way to reduce triglycerides is by reducing your intake of sugars/simple carbs. I once had >400 mg/dL triglycerides, but dropping the carbs back down to reasonable levels, weight loss, exercise, has consistently put my triglycerides in the 34-60 mg/dL range.


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