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Well I took two 500 mgs of slo niacin today and boy am I sick. I have a pounding headache and I just feel dizzy. I am so upset about this since I need something to help me and I have exhausted all the other options. I have been taking the flush free niacin for 3 months (2000 mgs), and it did not help my numbers, but it did agree with me. So , my question is this- has anyone taken the flush free and found it helped with lowering the numbers. How much is the dosage to to do this. Also, how does the flush free differ from the slo niacin? I thought that niacin was niacin in any form. But, I sure feel a difference when I take it. I just have to do something to help the numbers and I am running out of solutions. I have tried the herb route- guggl, garlic, fish oil, etc and none of those have helped either. I just don't know where to turn anymore. I feel like I am a walking timebomb if I don't do something soon. Any advice would be so helpful- thank you

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