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Hey guys, I just got my results Friday from a blood cholesterol check I had last Monday. It appears the red yeast rice extract capsules are working great! My total cholesterol went from a reading of 254 a year ago to 222. My LDL went from 183 to 145. My HDL went from 59 to 61. The only number I am not sure about is the triglyceride level. It went from 59 to 78. I have not changed my lifestyle at all. I am not exercising (and I know I should be) and I am not on any special diet ( and I know I should be). Anyway, I am very pleased with my results using the red yeast rice extract. I have been on it since about February. Incidentally, if you do take the red yeast rice, be sure to take it with CoQ10. Sometimes you can purchase these two in combination.

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