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Re: Low hdl
Jul 9, 2003
Not much is said about low HDL and low LDL. But, where research refers to low HDL and low LDL, I have found the following reference : "According to data from the Framingham Heart Study, HDL is an independent risk factor for CHD. Even in individuals whose LDL levels were approximately 100 mg/dL, HDL remained a very strong risk factor, and individuals with low HDL were still at considerably elevated risk."

"Although current guidelines as described in the tables are extremely useful, they do have pitfalls. For example, the following cholesterol levels pose some dilemmas:
Low LDL levels (protective) accompanied by low HDL.

Would individuals with these cholesterol balances be at high risk or low risk for developing heart disease? To resolve this dilemma, experts have devised a calculation for a risk ratio simply by dividing the total cholesterol by either total HDL or LDL. It isn't clear at this point which ratio is a better predictor of heart disease, although the HDL ratio may be superior. "

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