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HDL 25
Jul 14, 2003
Ok, I've been making some headway on my numbers... when I first discovered this problem they were:

TC 255
HDL 25
Trig 570

I am 33, male, and weigh 192 (I'm 6'1"). Mom and Dad both have always had bad numbers, but neither have had any heart problems and both are in their 60's.

I have started exercising 3x per week mainly cardio work, and in about 6 weeks and 20 pounds come to these numbers:

TC: 230
HDL: 28
Trig: 340

So, they are improving, but obviously are not where I want them to be. My doctor suggested possible lipitor, but I've been concerned with what I've read here about it, although the Newsweek cover story on statins last week didn't say much about risks. If I decide to take the med, after it lowers the numbers can you quit taking it, say in a month, and then just continue eating well, exercising, etc. and the numbers will stay low? Or do you have to stay on it?

Just wondering what my best course of action is here.


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