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Re: HDL 25
Jul 15, 2003
Hi Shutter00:

I've never heard of anything called Isomer E. What's in it? As I see it, you have made some definite improvements. Your problem is not so much that your cholesterol is high, but that your HDL is low, and your triglycerides are high. Are you restricting fats, and consuming a lot of carbohydrates. By doing just the opposite, you can significantly lower your triglycerides and hopefully increase your HDL. Taking supplemental vitamin C, niacin, and garlic standardized for allicin can also help in increasing HDL.

By the way, I'll bet your doctor never even tested your Lipoprotein(a)level, did he? Well, if he didn't, that wouldn't be all that surprising. In my last post, I mentioned the Pauling-Rath Theory. Their theory implicates Lipoprotein(a) as the most significant contributor to the development of atherosclerosis. I have read so many post on this board listing lab results for TC,LDL,HDL,and triglycerides. But the overall pattern in regards to who inevitably has or ends up with heart disease is very inconsistent. In other words, there is no absolute consistency in a snapshot when it comes down to overall risk. The only real credible explanation for what might actually be occurring has been presented by the Pauling-Rath Theory. At least they offer some form of explanation for what may actually be going on. Now, until someone comes up with a better one, I think that this is something which deserves some serious consideration.


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