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I have posted a few times on this topic, though not with this specific data. It is not one that ends up with either satisfying or necessarily conclusive information. But I think it is vital info to those that hang their hats on the results and ups or downs of a couple of cholesterol readings and ratios.

I have a home testing device that is certified to provide Total, Trigs, and HDL. Obviously, from these we can calculate LDL. I took 6 readings in a span of 6 weeks. No medications/supplements were added recent to or during this time. I wanted to do them close together to produce the data that I felt was appropriate to my own personal research. All tests were conducted in the morning after fasting 12 hours.

Date Total Trigs HDL LDL T/HDL-Ratio
5/9 140--81---49--75--2.9
5/22 170--90--47--105--3.6
5/27 150-123-40-85--3.8
6/5 150-73-41-94--3.7
6/10 162-69-39-109--4.2
6/25 163-84-43-103--3.8

So what can we say from this. If I had taken a reading on 5/9 then stopped taking some supplement, then took the next reading on 6/10, I would have said "Look what happened from stopping that supplement". I would have associated an apparently significant increase in TC/HDL ratio to some event that had no bearing on it at all.

I added Zetia 10mg to my regimen on 6/25 and then did a similar 6 week sampling. The data after starting the Zetia is as follows:


Before Zetia Avg--156--87--43--95--3.6
After Zetia Avg---143--84--47--79--3.1

After Zetia avg shows a reduction in Total, Trigs, LDL and an increase in HDL.

There is a lot that can be extrapolated from my experience. If I had taken only one reading pre-Zetia on 5/9 (TC/HDL 2.9) then only one post-Zetia reading on 7/23 (TC/HDL 3.3) I would conclude that Zetia offered no benefits or made no differences for me. Of course the averages tell a different story.

If I took a trig reading on 5/9 (81) then another on 7/8 (149) I might be posting on this board, fretting over how could my numbers have gone up so much and what should I be doing. But the reality is that these differences, in the context of the 12 readings are completely meaningless.

What is the point. One point is that any two readings on any two days may or may not tell you what you think you know. Any decision to make some drastic change or begin a new supplement or drug based on two readings may not be the best idea.

You can review the data and draw your own conclusions. Not exactly a double blind, peer reviewed multi million dollar study. Still, there is a reasonable amount of value in the data.

I want to stress that my intent here is not to suggest or take a position in any way on recommending Zetia. Everyone has to decide what they will take and for what reasons.

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