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Re: Plaque buildup
Jul 29, 2003
Arizona covered the buildup part, where I can comment on is the progression part, and the cholesterol part you mentioned in your question.

I had years of high cholesterol in the 200 to 300 range, with low HDL and high triglycerides. I developed diabetes (undiagnosed) somewhere around 31 yrs of age, but not diagnosed until I hit 34. I had a heart attack at 35, with one coronary artery 99% blocked, and another at 50% blockage. At that time, my cholesterol hovered in the 190s total, LDL in the 20s, and TGs in the 100 range.

In 3 months time, the 50% blockage went to 90% blockage, even after lowering my cholesterol down to the 130s, HDL up to the 30s, and TGs in the 70-80 mg/dL range. [Take home message here: There may be a point of no return in progressions where rapid occlusion will occur].

After that, I continued with weight loss and the diet of moderation (~30%fat,~55%carbs,~15%prot) while keeping sat fats very low vs. mono and poly unsat fats. Net result, cholesterol in the 96-102 range, LDL of 51, HDL of 44, TG in the 30-40 range, and most importantly, no failure of either of my stents--and these are the non-drug coated ones.

Since then, I have kept up the exercise, weight loss, and diet, while relaxing a bit on the diet by including more sat fats. Net result prior to todays lipoprofile: LDL 67, HDL 70, TG 37, total 143 and praying heavily that plaque buildup in ones coronary arteries can indeed be reversed.

Best advice was given by Arizona...and that is to do something about it now rather than later. I sure wish I had figured this out years ago.

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