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Everything you listed foodwise is exactly in line with what I eat. I just balance mine so that I keep the fat grams <70 total usually and sat fat <20g. That should not be too hard. I make sure I take in at least 65g protein a day also. Anyway...supplements

I would recommend the following: aspirin 325 mg if you can handle that dose, in theory it should help with hs-CRP among other circulatory benefits. Folic acid, 800 ug to supplement the multivitamin. The folic is to effect homocysteine reduction. Remember though to make sure you get B12 and B6 in the multi- if you are taking folic (or any other significant B vitamin dosage). In addition, I take a Calicum Magnesium Zinc supplement and Selenium supplement, as well as Coenzyme Q10, but that is primarily based on studies that show reduction in angina from patients that use this. Once in a while I supplement with Vitamin C and Lysine, but its not in my routine.

The 15 min walk is great. I remember doing that and building upon it. Once it becomes habit, you will not feel complete without some daily exercise.

Finally, some people use niacin for lipid profile benefit. I was on prescription niacin (Niaspan) but my liver could not take it. I had some great results from niacin supplementation, such as my good cholesterol exceeding my bad cholesterol...Others here can guide you on OTC niacin. I don't have much knowledge of OTC brands, because I have not tried those versions, and with my lipids as they are now, I am not going to worry about additional changes for the time being.

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