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Re: Need Advice
Aug 7, 2003
I agree strongly with what pcovers told you.

I was 35, I had experienced weird pains for a month and a half before my heart attack. Heart disease runs in my family. My total cholesterol, during my worst days, was never over 300, my LDL was never above 200. Your HDL is extremely low like mine was, and your triglycerides are extremely high, greater than 400 mg/dL (based on the difference of total chol - (HDL+LDL) and taking the result as an approximation of VLDL which can by multiplied by 5 to get triglycerides.

pcovers and I have a similar story (but not identical) to the stress test fiasco. I went in on a Friday to my doctor for the pains, he said "well, family history, not so hot cholesterol, recent diabetes...even though you are young, I am going to call around and get you a stress test next week." So I went back to work, and had a heart attack. I got my stress test on Sunday morning--sure enough, two ischemic areas after the adenosine/light exercise/technicium injection.

Its better that you a) not wait and do something about this if you feel any chest type or non-normal discomfort b) keep the meds for now. If you feel any chest discomfort, get to the ER and explain it to them. Its better safe than sorry. If you are wrong so be it, I have had 2 false alarms. If you are right, then you have taken the heart attack out of the equation. As an EMT explained to me, the younger you are when you have a heart attack, the harder it is to bring us back. The statistics for 30-40 year olds is that 50% that have MIs in this age group don't make it. I am, as well as pcovers, two of the lucky ones that ended up with the correct face on the coin when it was tossed that means statistically, there are two our age that did not make it. At least if you do this now, you can address the problem and make the changes to do the best you can under the circumstances.

I understand the desire to be off of meds and go natural, but until you can achieve that point, and if you can, its safer not to take that risk. I did not start dropping meds until I started getting low values (or high values as applicable) in the lipid markers for which the med acted. So, if you change your diet, and are on lipitor, and your total cholesterol hits 120, with and LDL of 50, then yes, I would ask about coming off it. Until then though, personally, I would not take any chances with my life. I was a fool then and much wiser now.

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