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I got my 3 month lab results back, and the results are pretty good-- total cholesterol was down from 269 to 205 on Lipitor 10 mg daily. I don't know the HDL and LDL, and I have to sign a medical release to have them send me a copy of all the labwork! Furthermore, they only make medical records copies on Saturdays... there are downfalls to going to a huge practice sometimes.

I was under the impression that Lipitor shows its full effects in 2 weeks on the drug. The doctor's office "is very happy" with the results, yet they want the cholesterol below 200 (obviously). They are sending me a low-cholesterol diet, which I feel is unnecessary, as I already follow a rather low-cholesterol diet, but do you think that my dose should be upped? I understand that I'm no longer at the danger zone that I was before I started statins, but would more Lipitor make my cholesterol lower? I think I'm going to call the doctor on this.

I know a lot of you have tons of experience with this, and I really value your opinion.


Thanks for responding. I'll have to inquire about the release forms. I am used to asking my doc for a copy, and having it in my hands in the next 2 minutes or days, depending on if I'm at the office or calling from home. Maybe I can set something up where they just automatically send me a copy after any tests.

As for the results, I thought I was going to have a lower number too, but the doctor seems pleased. I am on the starting dose, 10 mg a day. I know a lot of people take more to start, and the doc thinks it will go down even more. I told him I didn't want to be pumped up with Lipitor, and he kind of ignored me at first, but told me that the 205 level is the go-ahead to keep trying this dosage; to see if I can get under 200 while still staying on a low dose.

I agree with you about the diet thing, but every one of those statin commercials says, "along with diet and exercise"... My personal opinion is that yes, statins will work without changing the diet, but doctors don't want to say that because people won't change their eating habits. In fact, I kind of thought that the Newsweek statin article was a little biased in that respect: a main point of the article was that people go on statins so they don't have to eat low-cholesterol diets. As someone who does generally eat low-cholesterol AND has high cholesterol from heredity, I was a bit put off.

Take care,

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