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I got my 3 month lab results back, and the results are pretty good-- total cholesterol was down from 269 to 205 on Lipitor 10 mg daily. I don't know the HDL and LDL, and I have to sign a medical release to have them send me a copy of all the labwork! Furthermore, they only make medical records copies on Saturdays... there are downfalls to going to a huge practice sometimes.

I was under the impression that Lipitor shows its full effects in 2 weeks on the drug. The doctor's office "is very happy" with the results, yet they want the cholesterol below 200 (obviously). They are sending me a low-cholesterol diet, which I feel is unnecessary, as I already follow a rather low-cholesterol diet, but do you think that my dose should be upped? I understand that I'm no longer at the danger zone that I was before I started statins, but would more Lipitor make my cholesterol lower? I think I'm going to call the doctor on this.

I know a lot of you have tons of experience with this, and I really value your opinion.


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