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Re: Uber
Aug 8, 2003
You bring up an interesting point about the Niaspan (niacin). Yes, niacin benefited me and provided some help in getting my HDL up higher than my LDL. The total cholesterol of 143 mg/dL (67LDL/70HDL) was on Niaspan.
If you look at my 2nd lipoprofile, with my cholesterol in the 102 range or so...there my LDL was 51, HDL 44, and I was on 1500 mg Niaspan.

My last measurement of 153 (76LDL/69HDL) is after being off of Niaspan for months. That 2nd lipoprofile with the 102 cholesterol, and on niacin, was when I was about 180 lbs or so.

These latest ones are without any medication, including niacin, and my HDL is still high, but my weight is in the 150-160 range.

Not sure if that cleared it up any. The surprising thing to my endocrinologist was that even when coming off of Niacin, my number of large particle HDL doubled. He was elated (Heck so was I) last year when Niacin doubled it. So now, I have quadrupled the large particle HDL, without meds.

The one other factor to keep in mind is that the benefits to plasma cholesterol, from exercise, take a while to make their impact. I have heard people say that you don't get the "full impact" of exercise on the profile until about a year later. I am coming up on 10 months now of running just about every day. I feel better than ever.

Niaspan is one med I would love to still be on, but it was part of the reason I had elevated bilirubin and ALT levels in my hepatic panels. I was never a statin candidate because my LDL was sufficiently low usually, my problems resulted from triglycerides being too high (>150, more like >400), and HDL way too low (<40, usually 25-30).

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