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Re: Questions
Aug 5, 2003
[quote]Originally posted by AllenD:
I'm 37 tomorrow and 5'8", 240 lbs and workout daily (weights only). [/quote]

I am 36 now, 5'9", weighed 227 when my HDL was 25, and weigh 150 now.

[quote]Some questions I have:
1) My doctor said diet and even excercisng may increase my HDL but probably not much. Anyone have an idea of how much I might expect it to rise jogging 1-2 miles a day for about 6 months when I'm retested.[/quote] Don't be discouraged by what the physician said. I heard the same thing with my rock-feeding HDL, and he told me "you will be lucky if exercise gets it to 40 mg/dL." Well, my last two blood draws had me with a 70 and 59 mg/dL HDL. He is looking at me like its some kind of miracle. The truth though, in my case, its mainly loss of excess pounds coupled with cardio workouts (I run 3 miles every morning, except Thursdays, when I run 5 miles).

[quote]2) Lately my diet has been to eay anything, but I had intended to go back on my diet for weightlifting. Thats 200 gms protein, 300 grams carbs and around 100 gms fat. I'd planned on going on this diet before I learned of my cholesterol problems and I'm wondering if this still seems safe. The carbs are mostly non-complex, if that matters.[/quote]

Complex carbs are better than the refined...300g is not too unreasonable for someone like me, but you might benefit from a lower carb intake (benefit to your triglycerides). Another thing you could try to do is drop your fat g down a little, maybe to the 60-80 range. I am pretty sure 200g of protein keeps you above the minimum necessary to maintain muscle, but since you lift weights...I can understand the desire to keep the proteins at a higher level. Again, for me, at higher weight, lowering carbs helped keep my triglycerides down a bit, but at lower weights, I can eat refined carbs like a maniac and my triglycerides stay in the 40s. I think Arizona (forgive me it I am wrong) that mentioned this in a post a week or so ago...that at lower body fat, you burn the carbs much more efficiently.

[quote]My doctor has put me on 500 mg of Niaspan per day, with intentions to increase dosage as I grow accustomed to it.
Thanks for any help.[/quote]

Niaspan was great, it did wonders for my HDL. My only problem was that I had hemolytic anemia (elevated bilirubin) while on it. It happens in rare cases, and I was one of them. Its too bad, because I did not mind the flushing at all when I saw the benefit to my lipid profile. Hopefully, you will get the same good results.

Since your triglycerides are high and HDL low, has your doctor talked to you at all about an NMR lipoprofile to look at some of the more novel risk factors for heart disease?

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