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I tend to disagree with your doctor. I had low LDL, low HDL and high triglycerides, and still had a heart attack at age 35. Point is: Low LDL surely did not save me there. I tend to believe, based on the research and the reading I have done that its more related to ratios of total/HDL and triglycerides/HDL. The key factor in the equation is the HDL.

Your triglycerides are phenomenal, as is your HDL. Sure your LDL is out of the norm range, but when you have a 100 plus HDL, that will offset it (based on what I have read).

I have felt for some time that is based on the whole equation, and that ratios are important, so for example, your LDL of 173 and HDL of 102 would equate to someone with LDL of 87, HDL of 52, and TG of 33, and no doctor would make any noise over results like that. The problem is that you fall outside the norm of their readings. Another poster on here has above 100 HDL (Arizona73) and he may provide you with some input also.

To be quite honest, I would be happy with your results. The current research, as best as I can tell, is pointing towards LDL being less of an independent risk factor, rather than what your doctor is saying to you.


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