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Hi Miriam. I don't quite seem to understand your doctor's logic. If you have had problems with statins, the very last thing you would want to do is to go back on them. You need more time than that. Supplements often do not work quite so speedily as drugs. But still, if given some time, they have a cummulative type of effect, and can prove to be quite beneficial. Yes, you are correct when you said that these supplements can be taken together. I was just concerned that the cost may be a factor for you, so therefore I suggested trying a couple at a time, and then adding additional ones as needed.

As for the gugulipid, try going to the Puritans Pride website. They have a super gugulipid supplement(1000mg) which is standardized to contain 25mg guggulsterones per tablet.

As for the pantethine, I do admit that it is not exactly a cheap supplement. Yes, I also paid $56 for a bottle of 180 tablets. My father wanted to try it. He took 600mg per day, and his triglycerides dropped an additional 22%, and his HDL increased another 14%. It did not reduce his total cholesterol, or his LDL, but nevertheless it did improve his blood lipid profile, and lowered his risk.

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