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My cardiologist put me on Niaspan in late 1997. That was the first year it was available. I had triple bypass in 1996. I first tried diet and exercise and they helped. But my HDL was still a little low and my Triglycerides were still high for a patients with several risk factors. I started at 500mg and worked up to 2000mg with blood tests each step of the way. My only adverse reaction was flushing. I would say it was moderate to occasionally severe when I started and each time I increased the dose. Over time this went away. There are some patients who have little or no reaction. I was not that lucky. But, having just undergone bypass surgery it didn't seem so bad.
It is much more painful to have your breast bone cut down the middle and your chest jacked open.
My results have been nothing short of spectacular. I have a check-up and blood test every 6 mo. Over the last 5 years my numbers have been LDL--70-82, Tri--80-130, HDL--58-75.

I still watch my diet and ride a bicycle about 100 miles a week when weather allows. Niaspan has been great for me. Good luck to all.


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