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Funfun,First of all you are way too young to be on cholesterol meds im not sure what your doc was thinking your numbers are not that high.When i was 29 had my cholestrol checked because of a high family history of heartattacks and my total was 229 i was told to cut some fat out i tryed but i basically eat whatever i want but i did start taking fish oil (i heard great for heart) and garlic and also multi-vitamin.When i went back a year later my total was 186 so i guess something helped.
Thank you both for your replies!! I myself agree that I am too young to be put on the cholesterol what you said I am thinking it would be okay for me to try the fish oil and garlic??? I am trying to cut out my sugars, etc. as well....was your trigs up as well savana? I am worried since mine are so high that I may develop doctor has me scared because she says it is very dangerous that they are up to 511 and she says it is very serious, but I am so afriad of the meds side effects...I had the trouble with Lipitor and now she wants me to try Pravachol.....should I go ahead and try the fish oil first, does doctors say its okay?

Thanks a billion!

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