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Thank you so much for your replies. Yes I did reverse the numbers accidently in my 2nd post. Sorry. The first figures were correct.
Pcovers I did have another test and they are indeed the correct figures. I am 41 and only found my real dad 10 years ago. I learnt his parents died at the age of 50 and 51. And his only sibling died at 48. All from massive heart attacks. I guess I really should be concerned and also thankful that I have found all this out now.
Can you take fish oil in capsules(yuck)! How do I take high doses of Niacin? Exactly what is that. I'm new to all this. I am not over weight but I still smoke and am having problems quitting.
Zip2play it is funny that you mention that fact about Crestor. I am suffering severely with leg pains. I just went to the doc today and he put me on clonazepam, tylenol 3 and told me I had restless leg syndrome. But you see I also have fibromyalgia and suffered 2 years ago from very severe pains in the legs. They even tested me for MS. Anyway I was put on 100 mg of elavil and my pains disappeared for the last 2 years. I wonder if this medication has brought it all back? Do you think this is possible? He wants to see me back in 2 weeks to see how all the meds are working.
Oh I almost forgot about the exercise thing. Twice I tried doing some hiking and my face was on fire. I mean it was beat red and so were my ears. I was sweating and had a little shortness of breath. I felt nauseaus. I told the doc and all he had to say was I was just vasodialating. I really need help quitting smoking.I live in a town of only 20,000. Maybe I should ask to be sent to Vancouver to see some sort of specialist. Thank you all so much for your replies.

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