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Well, for eight months I tried the "natural" route to lower my cholesterol. Now that fairy tale is over for me. :( Doc said that I MUST go back on meds. I was trying to stay off of them because of muscle pains, etc. But now I have a prescription for Zetia 10mg. I haven't started them yet, will start today. I wanted to wait till the weekend cause I guess there are a lot of nasty side effects for some people, and didn't want to screw up my work week.

Anyway, here's my numbers:

TC Jan 03=255 / June 03=239 / Oct 03=252
Trig Jan 03=273 / June 03=161 / Oct 03=206
HDL Jan 03=53 / June 03=40 / Oct 03=43
LDL Jan 03=147 / June 03=167 / Oct 03=168

These are the supplements I've been taking (total cost about $125 per month):

Super Omega 3 Fish Oils Six 1000 mg pills which equal 3000 mg of Omega 3's

Policosanol 20 mg per day

Tocotrienols 70 mg per day

Super Gugulipids 3000 mg per day

Pantesine 900 mg per day

Plus I take one Super Antioxidant Vitamin and one B-Complex vitamin per day.'s over. :( Man, I hate going back to meds, but I've tried it all...low carb/high protein, exercise, natural supplements. I give up.

Good luck to the rest of you though!

I get so scared sometimes...I'm 39, and wonder how long till I have a heart attack. :(


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