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Re: Very Scared
Oct 22, 2003
I am almost exactly like you. I am 27 with chol levels of 350. My LDL is 228, HDL 44 and Tri 130. I also suffer from anxiety and am off and on Zoloft.
My Grandfather died at 28 of a heartattack but they don't think it was cholestorol. However, everyone in my family has this problem. 10 mg of Lipitor worked great for me. It brought my LDL down to 126. However, I have 1 son and want 2 more children. I consulted a heart specialist and he said time is on my side and if I can hurry and have these kids very soon, hopefully I can have minimal buildup. I have the same thoughts and often cry. I do not want to leave my son motherless however, I do want at least 1 more child. I am gambling and taking a chance. I have had other doctors tell me that I should consider myself lucky I had 1 child. If you are done having kids, I would recommend going on Lipitor or something. I definately am after my children are born. However, I am not now because of possible birth defects it can cause. I really want my doctors to run one of these tests mentioned above. I would rest alot easier if I new I was not blocked, even 10%. I think I am going to look into the prices of these tests. I had a treadmill test and an nuclear test done when I was 19, I think. It showed I was fine. I want a really GOOD picture now though. That CT scan sounds like it might do the trick. Does anyone know the out of pocket expense for these tests? Is a treadmill stress test really that good in predicting blockages?

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