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okay i said i was gonna post my "fasting" numbers for you guys, being as that i HAD a non-fasting test done and they were horrible. trigs being 116, ldl being 204, and hdl 64. i was assigned a dietican began my "diet" no more then 25 grams of fat and 1200 calories a day, plus exercise. this was in AUG. Good news is i lost 15 lbs :) Weird cause the dr and dietician both thought it was an inaccurate test, and im GLAD i didnt listen to them when they stated "dont worry about it" bad news is my "fasting" numbers (14 hrs) trigs 98, hdl 66,ldl 203.Im angry because i know how strict i was with myself and to me i made no progress i just wanted to cry!, so now im on lipitor. my dr said i got the hereditary form of this. as i was driving home i thought of stopping to get that cheeseburger i had been depriving myself of but thankfully i didnt :)i questiond my thyroid to him and those results still hadnt came back yet, but to my understanding it dont matter with the thyroid test fasting or not. im sapposed to call next week for the results. by the way my thyroid was "normal" for the non fasting. im so angry. i just want to thank everyone here for posting valid questions answers and info. its really helped me. i go back in 2 1/2 months for more labs, hopefully they are lower :\
also i do have a question.... i stopped drinking beer a week ago (when i began the lipitor) but i did drink for aprox 6 years almost everyday....something im not proud of, my question is, what is the likelyhood that that gave me a "false" reading? im thinking of how much my liver may have been affected by this, although my liver and kidney's both are in great shape, go figure????? and i do have alot of stress in my life, to break it down, im a 30 yr old mother of 4 kids 14-11-9-6, 3 boys and a girl in that order, have anxiety issues and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. if anyone has info that i should ask my dr or test that i should have done please let me know.

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