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Here are your ratio breakdowns:

LDL/HDL--> 152/70 = 2.17/1 (Should be < 3.0)

TC/HDL --> 260/70 = 3.84/1 (Should be <4.0)

Your LDL/HDL looks pretty good but your TC/HDL is borderline. The number that is helping you the most is obviously the HDL of 70. However I would try and lower your triglycerides which are up there at 234. Your total cholesterol is up there also at 269 but the pundits will say that the TC number doesn't matter that much.

As far as the hypercalcemia goes, if you have had it for awhile and have done nothing, I would get a doctor's diagnosis on that. If left unchecked it can lead to other disease. Not sure how this affects your cholesterol levels.

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