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[QUOTE=pisces0301;3689930]I got a callback from my doctor regarding my latest cholesterol bloodwork. Here are the results:

Total: 236
Trig: 285
HDL: 63
LDL: 116

Since there has been little positive change they want to put me on Tricor 145mg for a month and check it again. I hear Tricor has some musclular side effects and I'm already on BP meds and really do not want to roll the dice with another pill.

Thanks to any who respond!!![/QUOTE]

Hi Pisces0301

I am assuming that your blood pressure is under control (<140/90) and you have no other CVD risks. If this is the case, for a man of your age and physical condition, you should not have been prescribed Tricor.

Your TC/HDL ratio is excellent at 3.73 (=<4.5 being the target), so you are in the low risk bracket there.
Your LDL/HDL ratio is 1.84 (=<3 being the target) and once again fall in the low risk category.

The doctor should have solely concentrated on your triglycerides which are only a tad high. Target for this is 2.3mmol/L (203.5 mg/dl)

I agree with namelessme, fish oil will reduce your trigs. However, personally I believe 3 grams a day is initially a little excessive. As long as the EPA content is =>600mg and the DHA is => 400mg which can be obtained from 2 x 1gram capsules, then this will do the trick.

Triglycerides and glucose levels increase significantly when a fatty meal is eaten, circulates in the blood but is stored as body fat. Although fasting for 10-12 hours prior to blood work, if you have consumed a saturated fatty meal three or four days prior to the test, your trigs will still show high.

A person who has 'normal' 204mg/dl Trig level who consumes a fatty meal can immediately increase their triglycerides level to between 265 and 354mg/dl.

People who are TRULY hypertriglyceridaemic have fasting levels of 442 to 619.5mg/dl, but these rise to 708 to 796.4mg/dl after a fatty meal.


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