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Pisces's Triglycerides were at 285. Healthy readings are under 150.

Pisces's LDL was at 116. Healthy readings are under 100.

Pisces's Total Cholesterol is 236. Healthy readings are under 200.

Sorry, I find the above statement a reversal of the fact. The HDL reading is meaningless. Who cares about the HDL reading, if the other readings are unhealthy? Pisces's focus should be on the unhealthy numbers, especially the Triglycerides.[/QUOTE]

The way of thinking over here in Europe has changed somewhat from single figure readings of LDL and TC. The figures quoted above except for the Trig's are used as 'target' figures, not healthy figures, but only by the 'old' brigade of doctor's. The 'trig's' target figures are not referred too unless the patient has a high CVD risk or is obviously obese. (target is 200 mg/dl). A little bit '[B]dotty[/B]', as the saying goes why a 25% difference between here and over there.

The figures used for the onset of the prescription of cholesterol reducing drugs now depend on the level of TC divided by the 'good' lipids, HDL. ALSO, the 'bad' lipids, LDL, once again divided by HDL.

Basically, the ratio method determines if there is a enough 'good' to flush the 'bad' to get rid of the 'ugly'.;)

Therefore, the high density lipid reading is [U]paramount[/U] today.

The target ratios now being used overrule the single figures of LDL and TC.
Ratios used:
TC/HDL=4.5 (target) (5.0 for onset of statins with no other CVD risk/s.)

LDL/HDL= CVD risk.
Low Risk: 3.3 - 4.4
Average Risk: 4.4 - 7.1
Moderate Risk: 7.1 - 11.0
High Risk: 11.0

The doctor should use the two ratio figures, and not as in the old days, just the Total cholesterol figure.

Patients Total Cholesterol reading is 5.0mmol/L (193.0mg/dl) THIS BEING THE IDEAL TARGET.......OR IS IT???

If the HDL reading is low, say at 0.5mmol/L (19.3 mg/dl) this would give a ratio of 10.0 (5.0/0.5) - Statins required, if the patients heart is still beating with this scenario high ratio.
However, if the HDL reading is 2.0mmol/L (77.2 mg/dl) this would give a ratio of 2.5 (5.0/2.0) - Statins definitely not required.

Now, if the TC reading is 6.0 mmol/L (231.6 mg/dl) then:
HDL of 0.5mmol/L (19.3 mg/dl) ratio would be: 12
HDL of 2.0mmol/L (77.2 mg/dl) ratio would be: 3 ........No statins required.

As I have already stated in a recent post, low levels of LDL have now been linked to Cancer, as well as heart disease. If a doctor aims for the target ratio figures, he has a more accurate indication as to the balance of patient's overall cholesterol network.


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