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I just had blood work drawn per my cardiologists orders and wanted to get some opinions on these numbers. I REALIZE this opinion only. I am overseas right now and will see my cardiologist in 3 weeks and get his diagnosis and official opinion.

My age - 38
Wt - 185 lbs, 6 ft 0 inches
good health aside from below blood levels

Blood work was drawn in May during routine employer sponsored physical check-up and resulted in over 500 Triglyceride (!), elevated BP (150/90) and amazingly normal Cholesterol. Doctor put me on 20 MG Crestor and 10 MG Altace. Fasted for 12 hours before test, however FYI that 2 days before I had consumed two large pizzas with some friends and a lot of Hot Wings. May or may not have still be trickling around my bloodstream when blood was drawn, who knows....

A week later he had me undergo an Electro-Cardiogram which showed no problems or issues.

Soon after, I immediately started walking everyday and stoped eating chicken and red meat completely. Eat fish alot and drink grape juice at breakfast. Cut all white sugars, bread, etc out of diet. Take 2 fish oil pills in AM and 2 at night in addition to my prescribed medication. I lost 10 pounds too.

New blood work, drawn last week:

Cholesterol - 88 MG/DL
Triglyceride - 193 MG/DL
HDL Ch. - 31 MG/DL
LDL - 18 MG/DL

Albumin - 5.3 G/DL (range should top out at 5.1) I am not familiar with this....

Is it possible to have "too low" LDL? I did some research and HDL should be 40+, so I am still need to bring it up.

Unless I figured it wrong, quick math shows LDL to HDL ratio of 0.58 and Total Cholestrol ratio of 2.84 to 1.

My cardiologist requested that I perform a Nuclear Stress Test to check for Coronary Artery Disease. Is this something to worry about? He did not seem concerned, he just told me to "plan on it". Is this a little overboard or is he just trying to make sure all is ok? I feel like I am getting the "full package"....

Comments, etc. I am overseas and sitting at the internet and discovered this forum. The other "medical" boards are full of body-builders or supplement sites with little credible info.

I am in otherwise excellent health, never smoked, drink rarely, no chest pains ever, no shortness of breath ever, used to play sports in high school. Eat healthy and live responsibly.


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