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I am looking for some advice on whether this is a good idea.

I have somewhat high cholesterol. Current numbers are 221 total, 166 LDL, 77 Triglyceride. I'll admit I don't have the world's best diet, but far from the worst either. I don't eat a lot of red meat, nor do I eat a lot of fatty foods. I do eat fruit and veggies daily, during meals and for snacks. I drink on occasion, but not often, maybe a couple drinks once or twice a week. So there could be room for some improvement... but it isn't the end of the world either. I also do dedicated exercise about 40 minutes a day too.

There is also a strong history of cholesterol in my family.

My doctor would like to see me start taking 10 mg's daily of lipitor. However, after doing some research on this drug, I am question whether that is a preferably alternative long term to combat the high cholesterol.

First, it has a host of potential side affects, the worst appearing to be that it is rather harsh on the liver, and not all that good for the muscular system.

Should I be concerned about the potential long term affects of this drug? Either on the liver, the muscular system, or elsewhere as related to some of it's other side affects. Obviously lower cholesterol levels are desirable, but I don't want to eliminate one potential problem to bring on another either.

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