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[QUOTE=kathi89;3769543]you are correct, they are GNC Triple Strength. I appreciate your help on dosage. I have been killing myself trying to find the right dosage as my Dr is unavailable at the moment. Also, I see you have a little experience in lowering levels with different methods, please let me know what worked well to lower tri's and chol. Thanks so much.....[/QUOTE]

No problem. The following has worked for many people I know, and for several members of this board who were serious enough to try an alternative approach to statins.

Daily, two to three months. Blood test....Surprise.

Qty (1) 600 mg. tab of Nature's Plus Extended Release Red yeast rice with food (evening)
Qty (1) 100 mg. softgel of CoQ10 (This will reduce BP, so monitor after 1-2 months)
Minimum of 600 mg. EPA/400 mg. DHA fish oil capsules (Usually 2-3 gms./day.)
Qty (1) Garlic factors 6,250 mcg of garlic allicin.

Only one drawback, your HDL will be lowered by 2-8 mg/dl. If you have a reading of =>40mg/dl after the 2-3 months, no worries. If it is lower, increase the allicin to 2 tabs a day, maybe add oatbran to your cereal bowl, walk more and go for a less fatty diet.


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