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[SIZE="4"]When I stopped taking Statins for cholesteral adjustment, I increased my walking time and added Total Gym (not the name brand) workouts every other day. I'm 66 yrs and I work full time in law. So I'm really hoping this will work ....

My doctor suggested I replace red meat with raw walnuts.

I've been doing it for one month. We'll test in another month.

I mix walnuts with a fresh apple and blend to a frothy cold beverage. Put them in the high fiber cereal we all eat, etc

I love the taste. I don't know yet if it's helping. I'll post when I know.
My docter has me eat 5 veg, steamed or raw and 4 serving of fresh fruit including Blueberries everyday, I naturally drink skim milk and eat cottage cheese, so if this doesn't work I don't know what to try next.

Things we've tried the past 12 years.
We discovered the hard way that I'm allergic to "Ace inhibitors" (almost died of Angio Edema Reaction), "Beta blockers," made me lethargic, gain weight, and become clinically depressed. Statins suck the fluids out of me and have left muscle damage, though most of that pain is gone.[/SIZE]

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