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Hello Everyone,

As you all can pretty much guess, my lipid profile is next best to worst..and i am just turning 30..

Ratio =9.1

Doctor asked me to give a try for 3 months without any prescription drugs and follow an hour of exercise for 5 to 6 days a week..along with following..
2. Niacin with aspirin
3. Fish Oil
4. Olive oil/Canola
5. Oatmeal with high soluble fibre... ( new quaker oat with 40% dietary fibre)..
+plus i am adding cinamon, promise active shots(plant sterols) and walnut and other usual stuff..

Can you guys please suggest any IR Niacin, which i can get at GNC or wholefoods or elsewhere..

My doctor says, it will be hard for you take HDL in 50s from these low levels or 26....has anyone done it yet???:)

Thanks !

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