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Elevated LPa
Dec 5, 2008
I have read a few messages stating that their LPa # is high 80, 34, 60...I recently found my 14 year old son to have an LPa count of 349. Yes, WOW to say the least. Genetic is what the specialist has told me but they want to lower his LDL (132) and raise his HDL(33) and place him on a statin drug. I am trying to do research on something natural instead of placing him on drugs at such an early age. I have read that someone had to retest and the number came in much lower so maybe that is what I need to do is have him retested. He is very active, healthy eating habits...only 16% body fat. At this time they say there is no real danger but as he ages and if he falls of his healthy eating/exercise habits it will be.
So my question to the community out there have you heard of anything natural that might help? Any suggestions? Anything would be much appreciated at this confusing time.:confused:

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