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Hi, everyone. For about seven months now, I have experienced a burning/tingling/painful sensation over much of my body. It basically feels like sunburn. I have had many, many tests, and everything comes out normal... I have been on Lovastatin (off and on) for the past four years. I have heard that in a very small group of people that Statins can cause a problem with the small fiber nerve (creating a burning sensation). Does anyone know about this? Is there a Cholesterol-lowering medication that I should get on that's not a Statin? Any other thoughts? I don't want to get off Lovastatin unless I should, as my cholesterol is high. But if I'm hurting my nerves, that's obviously not good either. I don't know if this is the case, but I need to look into it. Any thoughts would be great appreciated. Thanks! - Marlow

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