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[QUOTE=arlynsmith;3854238]I presume, as the previous poster did as well, that the term refers to timed-release niacin. The theory is that by dribbling the niacin out slowly (timed-release) you are less likely to have the sometimes-painful flush symptoms that come from immediate release niacin.

You should do further research - there are a couple of recent studies regarding the liver and the effects of timed-released niacin. Personally, I prefer the immediate release since my cardiologist is adamant that it is more effective. I take 2 500 mg tabs (at different times of day) and get around the flushing by taking an 81mg aspirin with each niacin tab.[/QUOTE]

I take 5mg of Lipitor daily by cutting the 10mg pills in half. Why? Because the 10mg pills gave me severe physical depression and a feeling that I would soon die. The 5mg dose helps to lower my LDL without noticeable side effects.

I take 500mg of slo-niacin at bedtime. Why? because I notice no flushing and my cardiologist regards that dose as safe without close medical supervision. It has raised my HDL to a sufficient level.

I also take ubiquonol (CoQ10), low dose aspirin and a number of other heart-healthy supplements.

My point is that it may be better to depend upon exercise, nutrition and a variety of supplements than to expect one block-buster drug to confer health. I am 84 years old and old age has a way of reducing the margins of safety which exist in young bodies. After a while, I suppose the margins will vanish entirely.

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