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Avoid inositol hexanicotinate, as it won't do anything for cholesterol.

OTC immediate or slow release should be okay though. When taking high dose niacin, you really should take it under the care of a doctor. He/she should check your liver enzymes, as high dose niacin can eventually affect your liver.

Slo-Niacin or Niaspan are two options which may help you avoid the flush. Ideally, take the niacin at bedtime, as it's more effective then. But you can take it after a meal (dinner) if the flush is too big of a problem. After taking niacin for a while, the flush should eventually minimize. And you should also titrate slowly. Start at a low dose (100mg), then eventually increase over the period of weeks/2-3 months. Again, best to talk to your doctor about dosing, lipid testing and which type of niacin to use (IR or slow release).

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