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How to cook for someone with high cholesterol
Avoid anything with hydrogenated oil / trans fat.

Limit saturated fat. Saturated fat is common fat from red meat, dairy products, coconuts, and palm oil. If you use red meat and dairy products, choose the leanest cuts of meat and skim milk dairy products. For cheese, choose stronger tasting cheeses that you only need a little of.

Natural unsaturated fats, common in fish, nuts, and vegetable fats (other than coconut and palm oil) are generally helpful to blood cholesterol levels.

Among carbohydrates, choose vegetables, whole fruits, beans, and whole grains while limiting refined grains and added sugars.
3 years ago, I gave up on statin drugs due to the horrid side effects I had from them and decided to go back to eating like we did when we were kids (back in the old days). We ate mainly fruit and vegetables, only had meat once a week at Grandma's on Sunday. There was very little fast food or processed stuff back in those days. Now Grandma always added real, farm butter to everything she cooked and all her biscuits were made with real lard... that you can not find anymore. She cooked GranDaddy bacon every morning and she sopped it with a biscuit for her breakfast. Neither had heart disease. Her biscuits were made from real lard also.

So, I got to thinking, man only started having problems when man started tampering with the food supply. Maybe the old way IS the better way... Natural fats that God made, not man made...

So I went back to eating beans, salads, fruits and vegetables. I allowed myself that once a week meat but I choose a homemade hamburger with all the dressings. I only had oatmeal every morning (like we did as kids), I added walnuts, cinnamon and sweetened with honey.

I started out at about 130 pounds (went up to 170 pounds ON statins) with cholesterol (before statins) over 350.. I ended up now at 122 pounds with cholesterol at 228 with NO drugs. My doctor is very happy... I was not. I had went to see him because I had been feeling really bad, no energy, shortness of breath and other symptoms.. When I heard my cholesterol numbers, I knew what was wrong. I feel best when mine is around 250. I celebrated with a bucket of fried chicken from KFC and have felt fine ever since.

I used real butter whenever I had to make something that I couldn't alter the recipe.. I cooked EVERYTHING I ate myself. Never gave up my sweets either, I use olive oil and applesauce in place of oils in my deserts. Proved to me that the old way IS the better way.

Avoid food tampered with by man and anything processed. Go back to natural. I want to add that I never got hungry, I ate all day long!

I cook for a living, guess you could say I am a professional cook. I can bake a healthier cake and nobody can tell any differance from the old cakes I use to make with the bad fats and oils in them. (Shhhhh! That is my secrete and they haven't a clue!)
Hello Lulubells.
Congratulations I also have cholesterol probs. with heart arrythmia to boot :(
Can I bribe you for a simple but healthy cake recipe please please please please please please please

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