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[QUOTE=abergeron;3865295]And yes, I should lose about 10 pounds to be my "ideal" weight. I don't really think of myself as overweight though, would that 10 pounds make a difference in my cholesterol readings?[/QUOTE]

If it is 10 pounds of excess body fat, then yes, losing it can only help cholesterol levels (and other things). Losing 10 pounds of lean body mass or muscle is not desirable, though.

Perhaps a better quick measure of progress on the body fat front than the scale is your waistline (measured at your navel). If it is more than half your height, then it is likely that you are carrying more body fat than is healthy.

Regarding alcohol: it is implicated in high triglycerides. Try cutting back. Alcohol is also high in calories, so if you are trying to lose excess body fat, cutting back on alcohol is likely to help.

Regarding fish oil: you may want to just eat fatty fish, like salmon and sardines. Be careful to check for which types of fish are low in mercury and other pollutants, though.

Regarding exercise: does the dog like to run? If so, running with the dog for 30 minutes may give you more exercise than walking with the dog for 30 minutes. Also, see how much other exercise you can include in your daily life (e.g. using stairs instead of elevators; running, bicycling, or walking in your commute to work, etc.).

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