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I take 3 grams of Omega 3's daily. It comes out to 10 caps per day. I do 3 with breakfast, 3 with lunch and 3 with dinner or bedtime if I forget at dinner.

Refrigerating the fish oil caps help with the fishy burps for some reason.

You definitely need to read how much Omega 3 is in your supplement. For instance, 2 caps of the stuff I buy contain 1200 milligrams of fish oil, but only 720 grams of Omega 3's. For me, I needed 3 grams of Omega 3's, not necessarily just fish oil.

The only side effects I noticed were some hair thinning and it seems like I bruise easier now. But the hair-thinning could be diet-related, stress-related, age-related, etc ... as could the bruising.

But, boy, did the supplements help! I had crazy high trigs -- so high, my cholesterol couldn't even be calculated. Six months on supplements, daily cardiovascular exercise, improved diet (elimination of white foods and more emphasis on whole grains and LOTS of organic soy), my numbers are nearly perfect.

Here's the link to my post a few months ago which had the before and after numbers after starting the fish oil supplements:


Best of luck to you :)

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