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Hi Missy,

The only reason why I am not seeing a doctor until June is because I am switching doc's...the other one did not mention anything about my borderline kidney function and pre-diabetic status on the blood work (I found it myself). Nor did she mention anything about Tricor affecting kidney function when she prescribed it (I found the info out on my own as well for the side effects)....soooo, I didn't have alot of faith in her as well. I think most doctors nowadays don't know you at all. All you are is another bling-bling. Doctors who really pay attention are few and far between. I had a really good one a few years back. A private one person practice! She used to give you a hug every time the appointment was over, and called personally when you had a question or problem. But more importantly, she knew her stuff, and was an excellent doctor. When does that ever happen anymore? I moved, so that ended that relationship.

I may look for one of those home testing kits in the interim until I can get to this new doctor. It is really scary what you are going through right now. The kidney problem especially. Your liver should be able to recover if you have stopped the meds. I also think that medications to lower triglyceride levels very very fast, has to cause problems over longer periods of time. Doesn't it make sense that if it took you years to build up the high levels that it may take months (at least) to lower them by lifestyle changes? I don't know, just my opinion. Now for people that have extremely high levels.....into the 1000 level range where they have an extremely high risk of a heart attack, then yes, drastic measures may be nessesary. BUT....The doctors have to monitor their patients very closely in order to prevent organ damage. Come on, most drugs have side effects, some more than others. Hey, I know first hand what consequenses can Mother-in-Law died from taking Vioxx. Our family is part of that huge $4.8billion settlement!

I am not sure what the answer is...but maybe it's time for you to look for another doctor. Let me know what happens, take care.

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