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I congratulate you on trying exercise and diet to alter your lipid values. But you do have rather elevated lipid values there, so medication may eventually be needed. Worth trying diet/exercise too though.

A couple of suggestions:

Ask for a VAP, c-reactive protein, vitamin D and homocysteine test from your doctor.

Diet changes -- I know this will sound radical, but for those of you with very elevated triglycerides and wish to avoid medications, pretend you have celiac disease. If you avoid all wheat products, and high carb foods, trigs will go down -- a lot. But you don't have to even be so radical, just reduce wheat and high glycemic foods, and the numbers should improve.

Supplements: Did you mean 9 grams of fish oil, or 9 grams of Omega 3s? As 9 grams of Omega 3s is very high, sort of eskimo levels, and that may compromise your immune system. If you meant 9 grams of fish oil resulting in something like 3 grams of Omega 3, that is fine.

No-flush niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate) is worthless for cholesterol control. If you wish to try niacin, I advise doing it under a doctor's care, as it can elevate liver enzymes. Slo-Niacin or prescription Niaspan can help you avoid any flush.

If taking vitamin E make sure it contains all forms of E (alpha, gamma, beta, delta) and ideally tocotrienols too. Jarrow makes a 'FamilE' product that may be suitable.

Guggul should be taken under a doctor's care too, as it can interfere with lots of prescription drugs. So just be careful there.

If you wish to avoid medications, yet go the natural route, ask your doctor about red yeast rice. It's sort of a 'baby-dose', natural statin. It does still have some of the same side effects as regular statins (although usually less), so take it with CoQ10 too. But again, I always advise that people do these things under a doctor's care. If your doctor is adverse to diet/exercise/supplements, it may be time to get a new doctor.

Depending on risk factors, prescription niaspan, or a form of statin may be needed too.

Oh, and a previous poster mentioned 'CholestOff' -- I'd avoid it. Plant sterols will reduce cholesterol by approx. 10-15% in some people. But what happens is that the sterols just take the place of cholesterol when forming plaque. And plaque is the real enemy. So it basically just improves your numbers, but doesn't reduce risk of heart disease. Or at least there is no evidence to date it reduces risk.

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