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Hi Shine4u,

Nice to hear from you again. You can say I was very surprised when I went for my last Dr.'s visit. Was so glad to see that I dropped my trigs down to the 200's but was shocked that my liver enzymes went up and kidney function level had dropped. Now remind you, I was a healthy person with just a problem with cholesterol, mainly my triglycerides. In the last few months that has completely changed. I feel that this Simvastatin that I have been on for the last couple of years may be doing something to me that is affecting my organs. When I asked my Dr. to quit the statin last week, she pretty much swept my liver enzymes under the rug and said "they are still in normal range". A HIGH normal!!!!! As far as my kidney function level, I went from excellent 2 months ago to Stage 2 Kidney disease!!! What's with that????? I asked what happened to stage 1 and she said it could be from uncontrolled blood pressure. My blood pressure is below normal when I am at home. The only time it goes up is when I have to go in and see her because everytime I do I come home with a new illness!!!! When I went to the pharmacy the other day to pick up my prescription for my statin, I noticed on the side effects and I quote "uncontrolled electrolytes problems may increase your risk for side effects that can result in kidney problems". I am seriously considering stopping Simvastatin, I hate to though because it really worked in dropping my overall cholesterol. Never had a problem with muscle aches or anything else except for this last blood test result. I think the doctors these days are just pretty much pushing pills on you for everything and sometimes that seems so much easier than changing our lifestyles. My doctor told me that statins should be in our drinking water. I don't know anymore what I am going to do. I was suppose to go in this week for another blood test and follow up appt. but I don't think I am going to go. I just need a break from all of this. I hope you follow up though, you will never know if your regimen is working if you don't go. Don't put it off any longer. I know you don't like to go to the Dr.'s either, but it's important. You never know, your cholesterol numbers may just have improved!!

Good luck and let me know what happens!


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