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I agree with tjlhb's comments.

Your glucose does look to be on the high side there. Ask your doctor for a glycated hemoglobin test (Ha1c), if you haven't had one yet. It will show your glucose control for the past 2-3 months or so. It can come in handy as an indirect way to roughly measure carb intake too.

If this was me, I'd severely restrict wheat products, desserts, and anything with a high glycemic load. And I know many people consider wheat healthy, or it's a 'healthy grain', but it really isn't. It is healthier to eat wheat bread or wheat pasta over refined bread/pasta, but it still isn't healthy.

Of you supplements, no flush inositol hexaniacinate is a waste for lipid control. It won't do anything there.

Look for a mixed vitamin E supplement instead of 150 IU of alpha only. When vitamin E is alpha only it suppresses gamma, which isn't so good.

Pantethine might help a little. Not a ton of studies on it, but there is some evidence it could help trigs.

Guggul should help, but I haven't researched that one very much due to the fact I can't take it anyway due to drug interactions. I do recommend you do your own research for this one and ask a doctor about it.

The aged garlic isn't a bad idea. It probably won't help lipids much, but so long as your stomach can tolerate it, it probably has other health benefits. There are a ton of studies for aged garlic and various health concerns too.

Three grams of Omega 3s is a good amount to try for people with elevated trigs. Split the doses up during the day, don't take it all at once. You may wish to look for higher potency gels though, just to reduce the number of pills you have to take. You are taking 300mg Omega 3/gel -- you can find 600mg/gel pretty easy and some go higher than that. Or you could go with a liquid, like Carlson's.

As for symptoms of numbness and tingling, there could be various issues there not related to heart health. You could see a neurologist, or perhaps it is pre-diabetes causing symptoms. If you see your cardiologist again, perhaps ask him for a calcium scoring, which will show if you have any plaque in your arteries. Avoid a full cardiac CT scan as a preventative test, which is sometimes mistakenly assumed the same as calcium scoring. Calcium scoring should be equivalent to 4-8 x-rays. A CT scan is way more radiation and does hold some long-term risks.

Oh, and make sure to get your liver enzymes tested during your next bloodwork. I don't think the things you currently are taking will affect your liver too much (besides maybe Guggul), but better safe than sorry. Best of luck there and hopefully the diet/exercise changes will work.

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