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I am scared out of my wits...I just got my cholesteral blood work back from my doctor. My triglycerides are at 380, HDL at 280, and good (LDL) is ok. I have been having numbness/pins and needles in my left arm, and hand, sometimes left leg and right hand for the last 2 months. The doctor wants me to take 146mg of Tricor..and I have been reading some scary things about this drug.

I am a 5' 9" female with a body fat of 27%...I think I eat well. No sugar, lots of wheat based foods and whole grains, lots of veg's- do eat meat, and love red wine. I power walk, and am not overweight. Since Tricor is metabolized through the liver... I am afraid to drink my wine (my only vice), and the fact that the doctor will check liver function after taking this stuff every few months throws up red flags. Also, my family history includes polycystic kidney disease (I don't have, father, grandmother, uncle and 1st cousin did/do). Is this a drug I want to mess with, or is there something else out there that would do me a better turn?

Thanks, your input is greatly appreciated!:angel:

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