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Hi Starling,

The KYOLIC is very good to take. KYOLIC (garlic extract) has a blood thinning effect and helps a little with the cholesterol numbers. The Added Omega-3 in the Kyolic is also a big plus. If you have prescription Insurance I would definitely ask your doctor to prescribe LOVAZA. The price of LOVAZA is approx. 125.00 for only 100 (1000 mg soft-gels). The EPA/DHA is the highest currently available. One to Two pills a day is more than enough to lower your trigs. As far as the HDL is concerned the weight loss and diet will help some.
Red Wine and Walnuts are excellent to further raise HDL levels. The best way to make a big dent in your HDL numbers is to add NIACIN (at least 500 mg) a day. This will help to balance all your cholesterol numbers and improve other blood markers. Simvastatin and Niacin taken together have a dramatic effect in cleaning plaque from your arteries. The immediate release niacin is the safest to take. Keep away from Sustained or Extended release. These are the most toxic to the liver. The main side effect of NIACIN is a hot face and upper body flush. This means NIACIN is working to release impurities and improve blood circulation. It can feel a little scary but it's harmless. With Niacin you start very low than work your way up. For ex. I started Niacin at 50 mg a day. I purchased a small CVS Niacin bottle (100mg tab)and broke the tablet in half. I did this for a few days then I took 100mg for 3 more days than 150 for 2 days etc.. With these small amounts my HDL increased by almost 10 points. I take a prescription Niacin called NIACOR. It is immediate release and not too expensive. The other prescription form is NIASPAN (an Extended Release formula) which is very expensive. Another excellent OMEGA -3 fish oil is sold by CARLSON. This is the Cadillac of the fish oils.
If you have prescription coverage LOVAZA may be much cheaper.

The vitamin E in the KYOLIC is too low. You can benefit by taking an additional 400 iu of Vitamin E (Natural only) a day. For an extra cholesterol one-two punch add 1000 - 2000 mg a day of Vitamin C. These antioxidants scavenge free radicals and target oxidized LDL and Trig. particles.

Starling - The above information is only my opinion (of course). I do not mean to be pushing meds, supplements or wine etc. The information I provided helped improve my cholesterol and also helped my blood pressure...

P.S. I hope this information is helpful.......

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