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Re: Cholesterol
Mar 23, 2009
You may wish to consider lifestyle changes as well:

To lower LDL:

Avoid trans-fat from hydrogenated oil.
Avoid saturated fat from red meat, dairy products, and coconut / palm oil.
Replace with unsaturated fat from nuts, fish, avocados, and non-hydrogenated vegetable oil other than coconut / palm oil.
Lose excess body fat. [*]

To raise HDL:

Increase exercise (consult with your doctor first since you have had a heart attack).
Avoid trans-fat from hydrogenated oil.

To lower VLDL / triglycerides:

Avoid sugars, simple carbohydrates, and alcohol.
Lose excess body fat. [*]

Note that some of the above may also help fight diabetes or high blood pressure which are also risk factors for heart attacks.

[*] Your height and weight are not considered overweight by the usual standards, but if you have a lot of soft stuff in the abdomen, it is possible that you have too much body fat there. Abdominal body fat is considered more of a health risk; if this applies to you, you may want to see if you can lose some of it.

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