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All statins and fenofibrates have similar side effects but people react differently to the formulas of each type. Doctors will therefore switch patients to another type if they suffer reactions.
Crestor is by far the most popular statin in Europe so that suggests that it suits more people than the others. Fenofibrates (like Tricor) are not so well established but it is claimed that they increase HDL as well as lowering LDL.
However, if your readings are only marginally outside the limits an even better choice is direct acting niacin which is very effective at both increasing HDL and lowering LDL and has less if any side effects. The usual response to niacin is temporary flushing, which rapidly reduces with use. Doctors recommend progressively increasing the dose of niacin to the point where the flushing is a nuisance and then slightly reducing the dose.
It's a matter of informed choice and it would be good for you to do an Internet search on 'Cholesterol reduction'.

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