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Hi Jwood,

I was unwilling to take the meds my doctor recommended..tricor. My family history includes a long line of kidney disease, which tricor can affect kidney function. Instead, I have made some changes-namely more exercise (joined the gym again and go 4 times a week), and I have changed my diet to cut back drastically on drinking wine. I also have cut out alot of wheat products and carbs and replaced them with mostly oat or gluten free products. In addition, I am taking a bevy of vitamins, including alot of omega 3's, garlic, chromium, pantethine, gugulpids (herb), calcium, chromium piclionate, no flush niacin, vitamin e, a multi vitamin. I just researched on my own to find what I think will some suggestions from others on this site. You need to find some therapy that works for you.

I have had no issues with any side effects from the vitamins, and feel great (but then high cholesteral and triglycerides has no symtoms really). My trigs in Feb were 363 and my LDL 248. I am going to go and have my blood work done again at the beginning of May to see if my regimin has helped.

You might also want to read my blog is under the high triglycerides health board "help I am confused about High Triglycerides..." there have been a number of helpful suggestions by other members on the health boards.

Good luck,

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