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Butter is bad for your LDL levels due to high saturated fat content, but most margarine is as bad or worse for your LDL levels due to trans-fats from hydrogenated oils (those without often have coconut or palm oil, which is high in saturated fat). Tub margarines are usually not as bad as stick margarines, since the fat does not need to be as saturated (or hydrogenated) to make them.

Try substituting peanut butter (without added hydrogenated oils or sugars), almond butter, or sunflower seed butter instead of butter or margarine. These have good (unsaturated) fats that may help lower your LDL levels. There is also a trendy thing in some restaurants to offer olive oil as a dip for bread, instead of butter. If you must spread butter on your bread, try whipped butter, since it can be spread more easily so that you have to use less of it to put it on your bread.

BMI (body mass index) does not tell you your body fat percentage, since it is just a formula based on weight and height ( BMI = (weight in kg) / ((height in meters)^2) ). Body weight (and BMI) is like total cholesterol in this sense -- your body weight does not tell you how much is muscle versus fat, just as total cholesterol does not tell you how much is HDL versus LDL. A very rough, but easily measured, proxy for body fat is waist size at navel level; less than half your height is generally considered desirable.

(Or did you really mean "body fat percentage" when you typed "BMI"?)

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